The Science Behind Procerin & how Exactly it Works

Procerin is an all-in-one herbal male hair loss treatment usually sold in the form of  tablets and a topical application foam to fight hair thinning and loss from within and outside. The two components: Procerin tablets and Procerin XT foam work synegistically to stop hair loss and encourage new growth. The tablets are taken orally and contain proven ingredients to combat hair loss as well as nutrients which nourish the hair. Procerin XT foam works at the roots of hair on the scalp, strengthening the follicles and making the hair stronger and longer.

Procerin is specially formulated to combat premature hair loss in men of age 18 to 35 as well as those whose hair is still in a growth phase. In particular, the hair growth supplement is known for fighting off the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the chief cause of hair fall in men. Men who take Procerin report marked hair growth along the hairline as well at the crown of the head. A similar treatment also with great results is the Profollica system which we review in another article.

Procerin’s Active Ingredients

Procerin is formulated from the best of natural ingredients with well known properties for fighting hair fall and thinning in males. These are the supplement’s natural ingredients:

  1. Saw Palmetto Berriessaw palmetto hair loss propeties
  2. Eleuthero Root
  3. Vitamin B-6
  4. Muira Puma Root
  5. Gotu Kola
  6. Pumpkin Seed Meal
  7. Nettles

How Procerin works

Hair structureMale Pattern Baldness (also known as Androgenic Alopecia) can be attributed wholly to the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attaches to androgen receptors on the scalp, especially around the temples and the crown; killing hair follicles which are genetically susceptible to dying off as age catches on.

Active ingredients in Procerin however do not act on DHT. Instead, Procerin has both internal and external ingredients which target specific chemical processes which convert testosterone to DHT. Specifically, these ingredients are effective in combatting the action of 5-alpha reductase which is an enzyme that accelerates the rate at which testosterone is converted into DHT.

Men’s hair, unlike women’s, grows considerably more slowly slowly (on average about half an inch in thirty days), and therefore changes may not become apparent very quickly. This is why men with hair thinning are advised to use Procerin for at least two months before they start looking forward to any changes. However, the rate of growth can be accelerated if Procerin tablets are used in conjunction with Procerin XT Foam. Positive results are guaranteed if Procerin is taken continuously without skipping days until desired results are observed.

How is Procerin Different from Other Hair Solutions?

  • Special formulation to combat male hair fall and thinning. Unlike other products which are marketed as having potency to combat hair loss in both men and women, Procerin is an exclusively a male hair growth supplement. The ingredients have been carefully selected and extensively researched to ensure effectiveness and zero side effects.
  • Purely natural ingredients The supplement’s special formulation contains no synthetic ingredients. They enhance the body’s own internal mechanisms to stop hair loss and encourage the rejuvenation of weak hair follicles.
  • Does not react with testosterone: unlike some other hair growth supplements and prescription medicine, Procerin does not react with testosterone. As such, users of all ages can stand assured that the tablets will not interrupt with their sex lives.
  • Stops, prevents hair loss and stimulates regrowth. Procerin is an all round hair treatment and growth solution which slows hair fall and stimulates the scalp to sprout new hair. It can also be taken by those who have just started experiencing a receding hairline or thinning on the top of the scalp where it will prevent any discernible hair loss from taking place.

90 day money-back guarantee When you buy Procerin, you are assured of a product which will deliver on its promise. If you do not see anything positive after using the product as instructed for 90 days, you can ask for a complete refund of the money you spent buying the product.

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