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The Science Behind Procerin & how Exactly it Works

Procerin is an all-in-one herbal male hair loss treatment usually sold in the form of  tablets and a topical application foam to fight hair thinning and loss from within and outside. The two components: Procerin tablets and Procerin XT foam work synegistically to stop hair loss and encourage new growth. The tablets are taken orally and contain proven ingredients to combat hair loss as well as nutrients which nourish the hair. Procerin XT foam works at the roots of hair on the scalp, strengthening the follicles and making the hair stronger and longer.

Procerin is specially formulated to combat premature hair loss in men of age 18 to 35 as well as those whose hair is still in a growth phase. In particular, the hair growth supplement is known for fighting off the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the chief cause of hair fall in men. Men who take Procerin report marked hair growth along the hairline as well at the crown of the head. A similar treatment also with great results is the Profollica system which we review in another article.

Procerin’s Active Ingredients

Procerin is formulated from the best of natural ingredients with well known properties for fighting hair fall and thinning in males. These are the supplement’s natural ingredients:

  1. Saw Palmetto Berriessaw palmetto hair loss propeties
  2. Eleuthero Root
  3. Vitamin B-6
  4. Muira Puma Root
  5. Gotu Kola
  6. Pumpkin Seed Meal
  7. Nettles

How Procerin works

Hair structureMale Pattern Baldness (also known as Androgenic Alopecia) can be attributed wholly to the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attaches to androgen receptors on the scalp, especially around the temples and the crown; killing hair follicles which are genetically susceptible to dying off as age catches on.

Active ingredients in Procerin however do not act on DHT. Instead, Procerin has both internal and external ingredients which target specific chemical processes which convert testosterone to DHT. Specifically, these ingredients are effective in combatting the action of 5-alpha reductase which is an enzyme that accelerates the rate at which testosterone is converted into DHT.

Men’s hair, unlike women’s, grows considerably more slowly slowly (on average about half an inch in thirty days), and therefore changes may not become apparent very quickly. This is why men with hair thinning are advised to use Procerin for at least two months before they start looking forward to any changes. However, the rate of growth can be accelerated if Procerin tablets are used in conjunction with Procerin XT Foam. Positive results are guaranteed if Procerin is taken continuously without skipping days until desired results are observed.

How is Procerin Different from Other Hair Solutions?

  • Special formulation to combat male hair fall and thinning. Unlike other products which are marketed as having potency to combat hair loss in both men and women, Procerin is an exclusively a male hair growth supplement. The ingredients have been carefully selected and extensively researched to ensure effectiveness and zero side effects.
  • Purely natural ingredients The supplement’s special formulation contains no synthetic ingredients. They enhance the body’s own internal mechanisms to stop hair loss and encourage the rejuvenation of weak hair follicles.
  • Does not react with testosterone: unlike some other hair growth supplements and prescription medicine, Procerin does not react with testosterone. As such, users of all ages can stand assured that the tablets will not interrupt with their sex lives.
  • Stops, prevents hair loss and stimulates regrowth. Procerin is an all round hair treatment and growth solution which slows hair fall and stimulates the scalp to sprout new hair. It can also be taken by those who have just started experiencing a receding hairline or thinning on the top of the scalp where it will prevent any discernible hair loss from taking place.

90 day money-back guarantee When you buy Procerin, you are assured of a product which will deliver on its promise. If you do not see anything positive after using the product as instructed for 90 days, you can ask for a complete refund of the money you spent buying the product.

Review of Provillus Hair Treatment Products

What is Provillus Hair Treatment Solution?

provillus products for hair

A head full of healthy, long hair is universally recognized as a mark of youth, health and virility. Provillus Hair Treatment products are formulated to give men and women suffering from hair loss just that. As a preventive measure, Provillus strengthens hair from the follicles upwards making it more resistant to breakage and thinning. As a curative measure, the product works on the surface of the scalp to stimulate failing hair follicles to regenerate new hair.

Provillus is sold in dietary supplement capsules and a topical serum specifically for treating women’s hair. Though both men and women’s products contain Minoxidil as the main active ingredient, the formulation is quite different to ensure the treatment takes into account hormonal differences which contributed to hair loss in each gender.

Minoxidil is a Potassium channel agonist. It has the chemical structure of nitric oxide, the well known vessel dilating agent. Its action is crucial in helping to stimulate growth on the scalp as it helps to increase blood flow and consequently, the amount of nutrition available to hair follicles. Minoxidil also contains Azelaic acid, (also known as 1,9-Nonanedioic acid)found in whole grains as well as naturally in the human body though in trace amounts. Azelaic acid has very low acidity, much weaker than even vinegar. It is classified as a type I 5-alpha reductase (5-AR) inhibitor. 5-AR helps break down testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes thinning of hair in both men and women.


Provillus for Men

Provillus for men hair loss treatment capsules are formulated to help deal with the problem of male pattern baldness, otherwise known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Male pattern baldness arises from genetic factors and therefore some men are more predisposed to suffer from it than others.

While Provillus cannot change genetics, it nonetheless helps with combating the action of hormones which cause hair loss. Minoxidil is a compound which combines a number of essential vitamins well known for hair growth properties as well as herbal extracts and minerals.

The capsules, usually sold in bottles of sixty, are meant to be taken twice a day with a bottle serving as a whole month’s prescription. Indeed, most people start observing remarkable hair growth within a month of usage. Some Provillus for men kits may also include a small bottle of topical solution. This should be applied on the balding spot every morning and before bed with a handy dropper provided in the kit’s packaging for the purpose.


Provillus for Women

Provillus for Women is sold as a kit comprising 1 bottle of Provillus for Women capsules and 1 bottle of Provillus serum with Minoxidil for topical application on the scalp.

The capsules have been formulated to eradicate female pattern baldness (FPB) which, just as the male version, is caused by underlying genetic factors. It is full of essential vitamins, herbal extracts and minerals to help deal with the issue of hair loss in women definitively.


What Provillus Users Say: Is Provillus a Scam?

Going by a host of verifiable online reviews on the web, Provillus has received positive reception by users around the world. Though there are some who claim they did not observe any changes in hair loss even after months of usage, this is either because of not following the product instructions provided. Others who have claimed Provillus is a scam have been misled to buy imitational products devoid of the proven formulation. Genuine Provillus products are FDA approved and have zero side effects.


Advantages of Using Provillus Hair Treatment

  1. FDA approved productFDA approved: the stamp of approval from the Federal Drug Administration means Provillus Minoxidil based treatment is effective and safe

  2. Special formulation to treat hair loss in men and women

  3. Addresses internal and external factors causing hair loss

  4. Genuine products are sold with money back guarantee


Disadvantages of Provillus Hair Treatment

  1. Not effective for medical related hair loss such as a result of cancer treatment

  2. Some websites sell fake Provillus treatment with little or no Minoxidil

Review of Profollica – Does it Work?

Understanding Profollica’s Triple Pronged Approach to Treating Hair Loss

Profollica is a revolutionary hair growth and treatment solution built around the premise that hair loss is a complex problem that requires combating externally as well as internally. The treatment solution combines a hair shampoo, an activator gel and nutritional supplements in form of oral pills. The system can be used by both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Profollica 3 prong treatmentEach of the three components of the Profollica hair treatment system is formulated to complement the hair growth potency of the other two. The shampoo is useful in preparing the hair, conditioning it and giving it a natural sheen. The gel works on the scalp, supplying it with the nutritional succor necessary to keep the hair strong. The supplements work on the hair from within, stimulating the failing follicles to sprout new, thicker hair.

The Profollica System

The Shampoo

The Profollica shampoo is especially formulated to ensure the hair is clean, relaxed and moisturized. The hair has been formulated from herbal products to leave a thin protective layer on every strand of hair; making the shock on your head healthier and thicker. After just a single wash, you will not need any extra conditioning for your hair to remain in perfect condition.


The Daily Supplement Pills

The nutritional supplements in the form of pills provide all the essential dietary elements necessary for healthy hair growth. These include:

  • nutrients pills supplementsEssential vitamins

  • Herbal extracts

  • Proteins and amino acids

  • Enzymes

  • Minerals

The supplements help fight hair los in the following ways

  1. Essential vitamins in the supplementary pills interfere with the activity of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme which breaks down testosterone to form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is arguably the body’s own most harmful byproducts when it comes to hair growth and health. It is responsible for most cases of baldness in men as well as the thinning of hair in pregnant and menopausal women.

  2. The supplements increase blood circulation in the scalp considerably. This has the net effect of increasing the nutrition available to the hair follicles.

  3. Active ingredients in the pills help arrest the process of hair follicle miniaturization, which leads to the shrinking and disappearance of the follicles altogether unless it is arrested early.

The Activator Gel

Users are advised to apply the hair activator gel by massaging it to the scalp immediately after shampooing. The new Profollica hair recovery system with revamped formulation comes with Trichogen, a proven DHT blocker. The gel also keeps the scalp moist and free of dandruff. The gel also contains active ingredients which help prevent the premature graying of hair.


What Users say about Profollica

Profollica reviews posted online have been largely positive. Many of the satisfied users are quick to praise Profolica’s pure natural formulation which guarantees zero side effects. There are also plenty of online reviews rating the system highly due to the speed with which the user observed positive results. The major misgivings about the product have been largely about the need to follow through with the treatment regimen religiously and also the fact that the manufacturers have not provided much information about history on the product and how much research guided the development of the system.

Advantages of the Profollica System

  1. Money back guarantee:  When you buy the genuine Profollica Hair Activation system, you get a money back guarantee. If the product does not produce the results claimed, the manufacturer will refund the money you used to purchase the product without a question

  2. Works equally well on men’s and women’s hair

  3. Profollica can be used on color treated hair

  4. Has no side effects

  5. For a three-in-one solution, the product is surprisingly affordable

Disadvantages of the Profollica System

  1. Some users have allergic reactions to some of Profollica’s herbal ingredients such as gingko biloba

  2. Results may not be evident up until after a month or more of consistent application

If your body is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, a very good alternative is the Provillus treatment.